What does a web developer do?

Web development is a business that involves many different technologies. However, the core of the web developer's job is to make sure the customer gets a website that does what they want. There is an immense dissimilarity between a web designer and a web developer. Even if their roles overlap, the web designer rarely deals with the real code of the website.

Plan the design and functionality of the website

It usually takes a while for the web developer to start writing the code that makes up the site. When you get the contract for a web project, you need to plan and analyze a lot. In general, the customer requires that the website works in a certain way. At this stage, the web designer is likely to attend to make sure his design works with customer needs. The requirements probably include details about how the customer wants the website.

Create the business logic specified by the client

Once the planning and analysis phase is complete, the web developer begins to develop the website. It often includes working with client-side technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, as well as server-side technologies such as PHP and .NET. A good web developer must be competent with many technologies. There is no pure HTML developer!

Implementation of the web design

You may think that once the web developer completes the development of the website, the web designer starts implementing the website. Although they often collaborate, the web developer is usually responsible for implementing the web design on the site.


Undoubtedly, the test is the most important and often overlooked part of a web development project. When critical site bugs occur at the beginning of the publication, there is a risk that the customer will lose a lot of money and certainly credibility. It absolutely must be tested by someone who has not participated in the actual development of the website.

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